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Homeless : Housed explored the issues of homelessness, housing policy, and home through artifacts, graphics, and audio recordings. Conceived as a piece of super-furniture to promote conversation, the pavilion featured a long table containing content, moveable stools, an elevated deck, and a canopy. Visitors from all walks of life were welcome to sit, look, listen, and join the conversation. 


It was installed on the New Haven Green as part of the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, developed in partnership with Columbus House, designed by Lani Barry and Benjamin Olsen, and built by the students of the Yale School of Architecture.


Jim Vlock First Year Building Project

Alan Organschi and Amy Lelyveld, advisors

As I Sat On The Green,

I watched people busy

themselves walking with

their Walkman
reading books or talking with

their lovers

I wonder how many of them were

homeless too.

I watched others as they took
naps in the
lush grass. I wonder if they were
enjoying the beauty of the day, or if they were

homeless too.

A man carrying a shopping bag

asked me for a
cigarette, handing me a quarter

while explaining

to me that he was trying to quit.

I wonder if he was
homeless too.

A group of people sitting

together on a bench
with duffel bags beside them

talking and laughing

loudly -- almost grateful to be

heart that they were

but I still wonder

because they did not look any

different from the
others on the green. Of all the

people I saw yesterday

the only one I knew was

homeless was...ME.

— Denise Potter 

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