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Theater Latté Da

DIRECTOR Bradley Greenwald & Steven Epp | SCENERY Benjamin Olsen | COSTUME Sonya Berlovitz | LIGHTING Karin Olson | PROPERTIES Amy Reddy | CHARGE Sara Herman | PHOTO Dan Norman

"There's a fair amount of credit to go around. Benjamin Olsen's elegant stateroom scenography and Sonya Berlovitz's yacht-wear costumes are easy on the eyes and evocatively transporting."

Rohan Preston, Star Tribune


"Kudos to costume designer Sonya Berlovitz for decking out this on-deck ensemble in often hilariously eye-popping yacht-wear, and to the wigs, hair and makeup of Emma Gustafson, Benjamin Olsen's set and Karin Olson's lighting."

Ron Hubbard, Pioneer Press

"[Greenwald & Epp] set the tale in current times, and transport the story from Italy to a luxurious yacht harbored in Miami, which allows for an awfully swell scenic concept (the exquisite design is by Benjamin Olsen)."


Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway

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